Virginia Durant House (Fairfax Library)

Virginia Durant House (Public)
Allendale Fairfax Hwy. (adjacent to Town Hall)
Fairfax, S. C. 29837

The Virginia Durant House, located in Fairfax, S.C., was built around 1881 and was acquired by
Dr. William Jasper Young and his wife, Virginia Durant Young for their home. It is a one and a
half story frame, weatherboarded vernacular Victoria cottage that rests on brick piers and has
an irregular u-shaped plan that incorporated a medical office for Dr. Young. The core of the
house has a gable roof with boxed cornice and returns and features two interior chimneys and
one exterior chimney, now enclosed by the addition to the northwest of the house. Two gable-roofed dormers pierce the front slope of the roof. A slightly recessed flat-roofed wing with a bracketed cornice extends from the right side of the building. The house also served as the office for Mrs. Young’s newspaper, the Fairfax Enterprise. During her lifetime, Mrs. Young was a journalist, novelist, humanitarian, political activist, and internationally recognized leader of the women’s suffrage movement in South Carolina and the nation. The house was listed in the National Register Properties of South Carolina August 8, 1983 and today, serves as the Fairfax Library.

Information provided by SC Archives and History