Trininty Methodist Church
An African American church that is better known as King Creek Church, is located on historical King
Creek off the Savannah River in Southwestern Allendale County. An account given) around 1970 by
Reverend Frank E. Moore, age nighty eight, resident of Allendale County for a number of years, but
originally from the Cohen’s Bluff area, gives an interesting account of Trinity Church History. The Rev.
Moore states that the church : was originally owned by a white congregation during slavery days,
sometimes later having been given to the freed slaves for a place of worship. The church was used as
such until 1925, when it was replaced with a new church. The Reverend Alex Owens is said to have
served as the first pastor of this historic church. Trinity Churchyard Cemetery is as old as the church
itself. Among the first graves are graves representative of white families living in the surrounding area
during the late 1870’s. As was the custom of that era, slaves took the names of their respective masters.

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