Swallow Savannah United Methodist Church
Swallow Savannah UMC

Swallow Savannah United Methodist Church (Public)
412 Walnut St.
Allendale, S.C. 29810

Swallow Savannah United Methodist Church was first organized C. 1815, when members met in a log house 2.m. S that was adjacent to a sheet of water known as “Swallow Savannah.” Local preacher, John McFail was likely instrumental in the church’s organization. Through the 1800’s members used several sites along Old Augusta Road including a church built on land given by Dr. Cornelius Ayer and dedicated in 1848. The cemetery remains there. The church was part of the Black Swamp Circuit until 1855, when the Allendale circuit was formed. In 1880, members made plans to move to Allendale, a then growing depot town. A white clapboard church was built at the present site on land donated Lawrence Williams in 1890. That building burned in 1942 and was replaced by the current church, which was dedicated in 1946. The fellowship hall was built in 1961.

Information provided by SC Archives and History