St Mark Missionary Baptist Church
St Marks 3

St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church (Public)
557 St. Mark’s Rd. (Off Bluff Rd.)
Allendale, S. C. 29810

The St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church is located in rural Allendale County and for more than 130 years has assumed a significant role in the religious and educational lives of the African American community of this area. The Church was erected in 1879 under a bush arbor after a small body of members came out of the New Home Baptist Church. Recognizing the need for a leader, the Reverend R. Barnwell was called as the first pastor and served from 1879-1833. The first church was erected in 1884 on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lawton. The members soon had to return to bush harbor service for six months after the church was destroyed by fire. During that time, the members and Reverend Saxon, who served 1897-1923, worked faithfully to rebuild the church. Through the years, the church experienced great growth in leadership and an increase in membership. The Reverend William Maner Brooks was called to lead St. Mark and a new building was erected on the current site. Through the years, the church has continued to advance with the addition of a fellowship hall, nursery, and library. It continues to grow.

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