Mount Arnon Baptist Church
Mount Arnon Baptist Church in Allendale first met beneath a brush arbor in 1835. Local ministers
Reverend James Lawton and Reverend John Brooker , concerned about the prevalence of sinful behavior
in the rural stretches along the Savannah, gathered people for their sermons in a location otherwise
void of spiritual leadership. The land where the group initially gathered belonged to Jesse Miller. Two
years later the small congregation moved closer to its present site. In 1939. The church was formally
organized as Mount Arnon Baptist Church, and a sanctuary built for the growing congregation as it
flourished. Prior to the Civil War, it was common for slaves to attend with their owners and were
recorded as both the property of white members and as members of the church. Slaves were buried on
church property, but in a separate space in the lower part of the churchyard. In 1857 the church began
exploring the building of a new sanctuary near the first church. The present church was built some time
after the idea was presented. Membership seems to have fluctuated over the years. Around 1950,
Sunday School classrooms were added and In 1952, the church reinstated weekly services, and the
church burial grounds were expanded. In 1979, the fellowship hall was added. Mount Arnon Baptist
continues to be an active part of Allendale.