Lower Three Runs Baptist Church
Lower Three Runs Baptist ChurchLower Three Runs Baptist Church2

Lower Three Runs Baptist Church (Public)
7108 Augusta Hwy. (Hwy 3)
Martin, S.C. 29836

Lower Three Runs Baptist Church in the Allendale community of Martin was founded in 1789. It first house of worship was built on the north side of its namesake, Lower Three Runs Creek, near the Patterson’s Mill gristmill. In 1804, the church changed its name to the Columbian Baptist Church of Christ on Lower Three Runs. It was casually referred to as “Old Columbia”. In 1840 the church founded another congregation on Tom’s Branch, which was called Lower Three Runs at Tom’s Branch. The name of the daughter church was later shortened to simply Tom’s Branch. The original Lower Three Runs Baptist Church was destroyed by Union Troops during the Civil War; the soldiers disassembled the church to create a bridge to cross over Lower Three Runs Creek to replace the bridge the Confederate troops had destroyed. The Union troops burned to scraps of the church that were unused after the replacement bridge was built. After the war, the congregation met outdoors for several years. In 1868 the congregation merged with Tom’s Branch and the combined church officially changed its name to Lower Three Runs Baptist Church. Then purchased land and built a new edifice- the present church in 1885. Today, the church still thrives. The Lower Three Runs historic cemetery is located on Hwy 125 near Martin.

Info from the S.C. Picture Project