Little Miss Arnolds SchoolHouse
A little one room 19 th century schoolhouse still standing in the city of Allendale is the beginning of the story of the Allendale schools. The white, wood-frame building is known as “Miss Salena Arnold’s Schoolhouse.” It was constructed by Dr. R. P. Searson during the 1870’s of white pine exterior planks from the floor to the roof. Battens still cover the cracks between the planks as they did almost a century ago. Miss Arnold was prominently known in educational circles in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee and her teaching extended over a period of fifty years. She died in 1930 at the age of 85. After the first Allendale Public School was built on the corner of Main and Bay Street, Miss Arnold closed her school and taught in the public school.

This little one room school building of 1875, has withstood the elements for over a century as well as the clatter of myriads of feet through its history, remaining in significant dignity. From its walls are many whose names are emblazoned upon scrolls of fame, all of whom were builders of this great nation, were better prepared for their specific roles on the arena of life, for having been product of Miss Arnold’s School where culture, character, and high standards were deeply entrenched by this teacher-the epitome of Southern Womanhood.

Miss Arnold School House3. Miss Arnold School House2 Miss Arnold School House