Historic Sites
Click the links below to learn more about the historic sites of Allendale County

Allendale County Courthouse
Allendale Presbyterian Church
Antioch Christian Church
Beech Branch Baptist Church
Bellinger Chapel United Methodist Church
Bethel Baptist Church
Beulah Baptist Church
Butterfield Plantation
Carolina Theatre
Cave Methodist Church and Cemetery
Church of the Holy Communion
Colding-Walker (also known as Robwood) House
Creek Plantation
Erwinton Plantation
First Baptist Church
Gillette United Methodist Church
Gravel Hill Plantation
Happy Home Baptist Church
Harmony Baptist Church
Kirkland Church (Smyrna Baptist Church)
Lawton House (Roselawn)
Mount Arnon Baptist Church
Mt. Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church
Pleasant Mountain Baptist Church
Speedwell United Methodist Church
St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church
St. Nicholas Lutheran Church
Swallow Savannah Cemetery
Swallow Savannah United Methodist Church

Trininty Methodist Church
The Topper Site
Virginia Durant House (Fairfax Library)