Grimkie Plantation

Grimkie Plantation (Private)
Center of Barton
Allendale, S.C. 29810

Grimke Plantation is located in the center of Barton on a tract of land owned by Senator Joseph Maner Lawton. Under his 1853 will it was devised to two of his sons, Francis Asbury Lawton and Thomas Oregon Lawton. In 1865, after mustering out of services at the close of the War Between the States, Frances Asbury Lawton married his sweetheart, Annie Bryan, and they traveled to Grimkie Plantation, built a house that is still standing, and began operation of the farm containing approximately 1000 acres. A large part of these holdings are still owned by the T.O Lawton family.

Info summarized from “Allendale on the Savannah.”

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