Gillette United Methodist Church
Gillette Methodist Church dates to the early 19 th C., possibly around the time that Rev. James Capers
settled on land owned by Dr. Elijah Gillett in early 1813. Capers was born in Charleston in 1788 and
became a minister within the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1809. He likely stayed on the Gillet’s land
for only a brief time, but may have helped to spread the seed of Methodism here. Early meetings were
held under a brush arbor. Elijah Gillett, at the urging of his wife Elizabeth Scarborough Gillett, donated
land and lumber to erect a permanent meeting house, which they deeded to the Methodist Church. The
The Gilletts are buried 3 ½ miles N. of the church. The meeting house was remodeled in 1910, but
retains original floors, wainscoting, and pulpit. The adjacent cemetery includes burials dating back to
the beginning of the church.