First Baptist Church of Allendale

First Baptist Church of Allendale (Public)
259 Memorial Ave. S.
Allendale, S.C. 29810

According to church records, the church was organized on February 18, 1882,(incidentally, soon after the construction of the old Port Royal and Augusta Railroad more recently the C&WC.) The Woman’s Missionary Society was organized as an Aid Society on April 24, 1884. The aim of the society was what the name implied – furnishing the present church and later the building of a new one being paramount. The original Sunday School was organized in 1886. The church grew from 17 charter members to between 600 and 700 members in 1970. The present First Baptist Church of Allendale is a monument to those who dedicated their services to the cause over the years.

Info summarized from Allendale on The Savannah

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