First Baptist Church
In 1852, A. R. Stokes, who lived near Owen’s Cross Roads, made a trip to Colleton county to discuss with
Rev. W.G. Williams the possibility of organizing a Baptist Church in his community. At that time there
was a country store located at Owen’s Roads near the site of the Fairfax Cemetery, operated by Mr.
Albert Williams. Naturally this location was chosen for the church site. The Rev. Williams organized and
established a church here in 1852 and the church was given the name Bethlehem Baptist Church.
Services were first held in “Bush Arbor” located near Owen’s Cross Roads. In 1852, a house of worship
was constructed on lands belonging to A.R. Youmans. On Feb. 1859, for the sum of ten dollars, A.R.
Stokes conveyed that tract of land containing two acres, more or less, where the church stood.
In 1872,when the Charleston and Western Carolina Railroad came through is section the town grew an
stores were built away from Owen’s Cross Roads nearer the railroad. At this time, the name of the town
was changed from Campbellton to Fairfax. In the period between 1911-1915, the location of the church
was changed from the cemetery area to its present location. The church membership increased to the
extent that the present facilities were not adequate. In March 1962, the church voted construction of a
new edifice and a beautiful structure following the colonial type of architecture was erected. The name
was changed to Fairfax Baptist Church in the early 1930’s and in 1944 to The First Baptist Church 0f