Fairfax Train Depot

Standing prominently along Pickens Avenue in the Town of Fairfax, the train depot was built in the late 1800’s.  Fairfax was at first little more than a crossroads on the route between Augusta and Orangeburg, marked by Owen’s Store and Bethlehem Baptist Church.  By 1870, the first postmaster had been appointed and the community was called Sanders.  Three years later, in 1873, Port Royal Railroad began operations with an east-west line.  The junction was dubbed Campbellton Station.  To avoid confusion, the names Campbellton and Sanders had to be consolidated.  Several proposed names were placed in a hat, and children of the community drew names with the winner being “Fairfax.”  The town’s first charter was approved in 1893, and Fairfax was incorporated in 1896 with W.J. Sanders as mayor.  Florida Central Railroad put in a north-south line and, like many small towns near rail lines, businesses boomed.  Today, trains still roll along both the east-west lines and the north-south lines, but the old depot, like many others across South Carolina, serves another purpose. It is used as a senior citizen community center.

Info condensed from The SC Picture Project.

fairfax depot1