Concord Baptist Church and Cemetery

Concord Baptist Church and Cemetery (Public)
Hwy 3 (River Rd.)
Allendale, S.C. 29810

Concord Baptist Church was organized by a presbytery of ministers from local churches in 1858. Church records from 1855 to 1880 were lost. This period covers the strenuous days leading to the Civil War and during a later period of Reconstruction following the war, during which this area suffered severely from the complete destruction wrought by Sherman's Army. The years immediately following the War were marked by the struggle to keep body and soul together. Concord Church never recovered from it. The growth of the Town of Allendale and transfer of membership there from local churches was a deep loss for Concord and Old Allendale. Many of its members of high business capacity moved to other states to replenish their fortunes. These causes left the mother church depleted in members and resources that it never recovered. The historic cemetery bears the names of many prominent citizens from that period.

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