Colding-Walker (also known as Robwood) House

Colding Walker House (Robwood) (Private)
State road S-2-52
Appleton, S.C. 29810

(Robwood) Colding-Walker House, ca. 1853, is a one and one-half story residence set upon a raised brick basement. The historic core of the building, which dates to the mid-nineteenth century, consists of a typical side gables massed plan arrangement with a central hallway. Today the appearance of the building is largely defined by Victorian detailing introduced during an extensive renovation conducted in the late 1890’s. A full-width wrap-around porch embellished with Victorian spindlework detailing denominates the main façade. A gable front portico supported by thin chamfered posts shelters a double stairway that leads to the main entrance. Two large gabled dormers and a central gabled walkout extend from the roof at the front and rear of the building. The exterior of the residence is clad with weatherboard while the gable ends and dormers are covered with shingles laid in a staggered formation. This house represents the evolution of a typical lowcountry planter’s dwelling from a simple one-story, lateral gable house to a stately residence embellished with Victorian detailing. The building retains much of its historic fabric and is a fine example of Folk Victorian smokehouse and barn. It was listed in the National Register April 30, 1996.

Photo source: National Register of Historic Places program at the SC Department of Archives and History
Copy provided by SC Department of Archives and History