Church of the Holy Communion
In 1847, a small number of Episcopalians met in Allendale and established a church with a membership
of twenty-six members called The Church of the Advent. For many years this was a mission church, the
only place to meet was in the homes of the members. The first service was held in the home of the late
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tudor Farmer. In July of 1875, the Rev. E.E. Bellinger inaugurated services in
Allendale. For the following year, service were held at the residence of Mr. Gibbes, about five miles
from the depot. In 1877, the Church members united with other denominations in erecting Union
Church, a rectangular building with a bell tower where the services were then held. The Convocation
met in Allendale in April 1882. In 1886 Mr. Bellinger reports 13 families in the mission, now making
efforts to build a Church. Services were still held in the Union Church. A site for the church was
purchased in 1892. For a time beginning about 1899 this mission was called “Advent, Allendale.” At the
turn of the century, the lot was sold, a new one bought, and a Church building was begun. It was
completed and furnished at a cost of about $1900 and consecrated by Bishop Capers on November 12,
1903. It was described as ‘a very becoming and churchly edifice of brick. The old Union Church and its
furniture was sold and the proceeds given to the Episcopalians to assist in the building. The name was
now changed from “Advent” to “Holy Communion.” In 1923 the mission was organized into a parish and
admitted as such into the Convention. A rectory, an attractive frame building adjoining the church was
build in the early 1930’s. A parish house was erected on a lot donated by Mrs. J. Sims Spigenor.

Information summarized from “Allendale on the Savannah.”