Cedar Hall Plantation
cedar hill

Cedar Hall Plantation (Private)
Off Hwy 3 (River Rd. (Near Kline)
Allendale, S. C. 29810

Cedar Hall is a Greek Revival style home built around 1834 for the Cater family by Isaac DeVoe Sr., who was a master carpenter enslaved from The Ivory Coast in Africa. He was selected to oversee the construction of the Cedar Hall Plantation and other buildings precisely for his skills. The three story house is made entirely of heart pine. Wood beams run from one end of the house to the other. The house also has wood ceilings instead of the traditional plaster ceilings found in many old homes. The home was spared in 1865 when Sherman and his troops marched through South Carolina because Sherman selected it to be his personal residence while in that part of the state. It is now home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith.

Info summarized from South Carolina Plantation, “The Devoe Family legacy stands strong” from the Augusta Chronicle by Jonathan Vickery, and “Allendale on the Savannah.”