Carolina Theatre
The Art Deco Theatre in Allendale was a popular downtown cinema from the late 1920’s through the
1960’s. Originally called the Pastime Theater, the name was change to the Carolina Theatre under the
management of F.H. Moody and E.A. Crocker. The one screen 382 seat movie house closed in the mid-
twentieth century along with many other businesses in this western South Carolina area as Interstate 95
drew travelers away from town centers. The University of South Carolina -Salkehatchie acquire the
theater building in 1983 and christened it the Salkehatchie Civic Center. In 2007, the school received a
grant from the United States Department of Agriculture-Rural Development and from Savannah River
Nuclear Solutions to restore the theater and convert it into a performing arts center. Numerous local
businesses also contribute to the project as well as the University of South Carolina Columbia Art
Department. Upon completion of the new theatre, the name was changed yet again to the Carolina
Theatre to reflect its past as a beloved cinema. The Carolina Theatre officially reopened on September
27, 2013. The theatre if use by the community as well as the school for arts and cultural events.