Burtons Ferry Old 301 Turnstile Bridge

Lower Savannah River Alliance Greenway

In the early 1700’s, Burton’s Ferry was the gateway between South Carolina and Georgia as well as for pioneer settlers seeking locations. Among families coming to this are from Virginia was the father of Tarlton Brown, and the “Memoirs of Tarlton Brown” describe most interesting, their adventurous life there. During the war, records reveal much activity at Burton’s Ferry.

Highway 301 was built in 1938 with a through truss swing bridge that also includes a fixed truss span, as well as steel stringer approach spans providing access to Georgia. The rotating bridge allowed the bridge to be rotated to allow barge and ship traffic traveling the Savannah River to pass. In 1965, a new plate girder bridge was built for 301 and the old turnstile bridge was left in the open position. Although abandoned, the bridge remains an important historic bridge in region with very few bridges of any level of historic value.

Today, developed by the Lower Savannah River Alliance from the old 301 elevated roadbed, the Greenway is a beautiful nature trail that is perfect or walking, running, or strolling. It ends on the decommissioned Savannah River Bridge, offering unparalleled views of the Savannah River.

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