Bethel Baptist Church
Bethel Baptist Church, named for its surrounding Bethel Community near, present day Fairfax, was
formed in1851. The congregation erected it first building, on this site in 1952. The land for the church
was donated by Mathias Mathis. The log building was succeeded by a frame church in 1887. Bethel first
became a member of the Savannah River Association in 1851, the in 1856, became a charter member of
the Barnwell Baptist Association, remaining a member until 1961, when the church joined the
Allendale-Hampton Baptist Association. When the present sanctuary was constructed in 1949, it
connected with the original sanctuary, maximizing space and preserving history. The church has
undergone renovations twice since then=- once in 1984 and again in 1991, It remains an active church
near the town of Fairfax.