Bellinger Chapel United Methodist Church
Bellinger Chapel UMC

Bellinger Chapel United Methodist Church (Public)
634 Old Orangeburg Rd.
Fairfax, S.C. 29827

Bellinger Chapel Methodist Church is more than a century old, according to facts gathered by the late Dr. Henry G. Googe. The church organization is attributed to the influence of the Rev. John McFail, the Rev. John Ogilvie of the Barnwell District, also the Rev. C.H Colding, Circuit Rider. Bellinger’s chapel was originally in the Black Swamp Charge and was later changed to the Hampton Charge. The actual founder of this charge is said to have been the late Rev. Jeremiah Gambrell Googe, son of the Rev. Henry Gambrell Googe, who settled near Campbellton (later known as Fairfax). The first chapel was probably built in 1859 and named for the Rev. Lucius Bellinger. When counties were created in 1880, half of Bellinger’s Chapel was in Barnwell County and half in Hampton, that which became a part of Allendale. In 1903. a movement began for the building a new chapel. Two lots were given by Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Sanders for the purpose of building the new chapel. The new church was completed in 1905.

Info summarized from “Allendale on the Savannah”.