Antioch Christian Church
Antioch Christian Church, built ca. 1935, was the second Disciples of Christ Church in South Carolina.
Today, according to the South Carolina Disciples, it is the oldest standing structure of that faith in the
state and has been referred to as the “Mother Church.” Antioch is also significant as an excellent
example of the meeting house style of church architecture. The clapboard structure rests upon low
brick pier foundations and has a hipped roof covered by pressed tin. The front (west) façade features
double six-paneled doors with a five-paned transom, flanked by a window on each side. The right side
façade has a single six-paneled door with a four-paned paned transom. This door is flanked by one
window on the left and two on the right. The rear (east) façade reveals the only major alteration to the
structure-two doors were cut from two original windows in the 1930’s to provide passage to Sunday
School rooms. These rooms have since been torn down and the doorways covered with siding. The
simplicity of the design is carried out in the interior. The walls are plaster, and the original pews of
hand-hewn pine remain intact. The South Carolina Disciples of Christ renovated the church in 1976,
although the interior was not included in the renovation. Included within the acreage is a cemetery
where many of Allendale’s oldest families are buried. It was listed in the National Register December
12, 1977.