Allendale Standpipe

Allendale Standpipe (Public)
Memorial Avenue and Butler Street
Allendale, S.C. 29810

The Allendale standpipe water tank is one of three such towers in South Carolina. The two other
standpipes can be found in Belton and Walterboro. This type of tower was popular in the late
nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The freestanding pipes typically water throughout the length
of their structures as well as in tanks at the top. Therefore, access to the top of the tower was designed
on the outside, with a ladder leading from the bottom to the top for maintenance and repairs. This
tower was likely built around 1915. Documents show that a contract to build a sewer and waterworks
for Allendale had been awarded in 1914 to the Jaudon Engineering Company of Savannah, Georgia. This
contract included a “100,000-gallon tank and tower,” among other infrastructure needed to equip a
municipality with water. The standpipe was replaced by a modern water tower in 2009, though the
historic tower still stands.

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