Allendale Presbyterian Church
In the spring of 1878 at the spring meeting of the Charleston Presbytery held on Edisto Island, S.C., a
petition was presented to Presbytery by eight communicants of the Presbyterian faith and 22 residents
of Allendale, S.C. asking Presbytery to take steps to organize a Presbyterian Church in Allendale. The
Church was organized on July 7, 1878 at a meeting in the Union Church in Allendale. The congregation
was unable to build a church at that time, but held services on the first Sunday of each month at the
Union Church. The Union Church was used by different denomination in town, each denomination using
the church one Sunday a month. In 1890 work was begun on the present building. Mr. Fred J. Hay of
Liberty Hill, S.C. was the architect. The lot was donated by Mr. J.L Williams. Mr. Williams also hand made
the pews in the sanctuary. The church bell was molded in England and present to the church by Mr. John
Maybank of Charleston. The bell was later given to Swallow Savannah since their church burned and
they had no bell. The completed church was dedicated in 1890 by the RE. DR. J.L. Girandeau. The
Sunday School Building was built in 1950. In 1957 the interior of the sanctuary was remodeled. The
pulpit was brought forward and the choir loft was moved from the left of the pulpit to the area behind
the new pulpit. At this time the stain glass windows on the side walls were installed. Each window was
dedicated to a family in the church at the time. In 1961 the vestibule was added to the front of the
church and in 1967 a lot was purchased on the west side of the church, enlarging the property. In 1973
new pulpit furniture, choir screen and baptismal font were purchased for the sanctuary. A large stained
glass window was placed behind the choir loft. In 1976 brought some long-awaited changes to the
church school. The original church school was remodeled, and one classroom , a new kitchen, and a
larger fellowship hall were added to the existing structure.

Summarized info from a booklet prepared for the 100 th anniversary of the church on October 15, 1978.
Courtesy of M.Bryan.