sycamore churchSycamore is located in Allendale County, east of the Town of Allendale at the juncture of US Hwy 321and SC 641. The community takes its name from Sycamore Plantation, which was established here in the 1850’s by William Ransome Barker and named for the numerous Sycamore trees that grew there. The plantation was used by Sherman’s troops and was burned when they left. Typical of other Southern plantations after the war, the lands were divided and sold. The present community began to develop in 1891 when the railroad came through. There was a post office in 1897 known as Barker’s Mill Post Office located on Major Barker’s land. Businesses needed for the community were established and the community had a physician. In 1912 a section house and depot were built for the Seaboard Railroad. Highway 641 was a dirt road, with horse troughs down the center. Sycamore trees, chinaberry trees, and day lilies were planted between the troughs. The road was paved and sidewalks built in 1938. In 1922, Highway 33 became a Federal highway and in 1934 became Highway 321. The community had a white school and a black school that was known as the Roswell Sycamore School. Later, both schools were closed and the children were bused to Allendale. The church was established in a building formerly used as a store. The present Sycamore Baptist Church, built in 1965, is located on the same site. The Sycamore Community House was a two story building built in 1917 with the second story used by Woodsman of the World. Sycamore , at one time, was the largest watermelon market in the area. Today, Sycamore is a small rural town whose residents are closely connected and enjoy the slow pace of a farming community. It has an historical post office, a physician’s office, a convenience store, and a farm supply store.