Fairfax LibraryTown of Fairfax
537 Allendale-Fairfax Highway
Fairfax, SC 29827
Fairfax began as a very small community with two names. Its post office was called "Sanders" and the trainstop was called "Campbell Station." This was before 1880, and at least six families lived there. Two of the families had the last name of Sanders - which was probably the reason for calling the post office by that name. The community was fortunate to have a railroad and continued to grow around its depot.

The town of Fairfax received its first charter on December 20, 1893, under authority of an act of the General Assembly. The town was incorporated on March 2, 1896 with Mr. W.J. Sanders as the first Mayor. It was re-chartered under the General Statutes of the State on May 16, 1898.

Fairfax has progressed along with businesses. In 1890, Mr. G.S. O'Neal started the Standard Oil Operations in the town and supplied surrounding towns and communities with oil and kerosene. In 1940, a Town Hall, which contains the offices of the Mayor, the councilmen, and the town jail, was erected. The town has since added all the other businesses necessary to make it progressive. The town continues to grow, and its citizens hope families and businesses will continue grow with them.

Over time, the Town of Fairfax has flourished and floundered but still remains a proud community that is home to the Allendale County Hospital and John Edward Harter Nursing Facility as well as several prosperous industries including Scotsman Icemakers, and Coosaw Farms. The numerous community churches provide gathering places for its citizens and their families.