Pink garden in Allendale
Town of Allendale
1296 Main St
Allendale, SC 29810

The first large community in this section was about six miles from the present town and was called "Old Allendale" or "Buddenville". This community had four stores, one academy (established in 1870 - which was the pride of the countryside), and a Baptist Church with a Parsonage. During those days the mail was brought to Buddenville by horseback from Barnwell.

As the neighborhood became more thickly settled, they applied for a post office. After securing the post office, it was necessary to secure a name for their village. Many names were discussed and finally the name "Allendale" was chosen. An act to charter the town of Allendale was passed by the State Legislature on December 20, 1873. The first town hall was located on the same lot where the present town hall stands. This was a small one-room frame structure with a piazza across the front. In 1901, the present town hall was built, and a town government was set-up.

In the middle 1940s, the much traveled North-South Federal Highway 301 brought a tourist trade that has always been of considerable value to the town's economics. Also, being on the fringe of the Savannah River Plant in recent years has brought many people from all over the country to live in Allendale. This influx has added to the community and has brought additional enrollment to our schools, churches, and business community.

Just as Highway 301 brought prosperity, the opening of I-95 as a North-South route brought a period of despair for Allendale as motels and restaurants catering to the tourist traffic closed. The downsizing of the Savannah River Site was another blow to the economy of Allendale. Those two events combined with a downturn in the farming community and “white flight” dealt almost death to the economy, but the Town has persevered through the work of many officials and citizens. The establishment of a branch of the University of South Carolina in Allendale in 1965 provided a lifeline for the community and today, the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie is flourishing with campuses in Allendale and Walterboro. In 1977-78, a new municipal building was built on 301 South and is in continued use today. The town boasts several new county buildings as well as a beautiful new courthouse with additions that was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire. A beautiful new library is located downtown in a newly rehabbed building. In 2019-2020, 301 north was renamed University Boulevard with new paving and landscaping. Today, the citizens of Allendale are proud of their progress and hope to see much more prosperity in the future.

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